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(Singing some Ligeti with Musica Sacra to accompany the live film screening)

Released in 1968, 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. Director Stanley Kubrick's follow-up to Dr. Strangelove, it's an epic meditation on man's place in the universe, beginning millions of years ago in the African desert with a tribe of apes, before flying forward through time to a spacecraft bound for Jupiter, piloted by the serenely creepy computer HAL. Full of revolutionary special effects and filmed in Kubrick's trademark deliberate style, it's a film that has had an immeasurable impact on the genre, and film-making as a whole.

The films use of classical music, including Richard Strauss's 'Also sprach Zarathustra', is also rightly celebrated'. The New York Philharmonic will bring the soundtrack to life as they accompany a live screening of the film.

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