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Prototype Festival presents: Stranger Love

At Roulette

Stranger Love follows two lovers whose romance unfolds to the rhythm of the seasons: in springtime, they meet; in summer, their love flourishes; autumn and winter, they face threats from without and within; a second spring brings resignation and the chance for renewal. Over time the frame broadens to offer an archetypal picture of human love, and ultimately, an astral envisioning of the divine, a love supreme. Stranger Love is inspired by the writings of Plato and Octavio Paz and is scored for a 28-piece orchestra (including three microtonal pianos). This work-in-progress concert of Act 1 unfolds across an expansive time-scale of over four hours, allowing the audience to come in and out at will. Stranger Love is a grand celebration of life itself, evoking the visceral thrill of a gospel revival, the ethereal calm of watching snow fall, the wonder of staring into the night sky. 

Composer Dylan Mattingly
Librettist Thomas Bartscherer
Conductor David Bloom

With Contemporaneous

Tasha: Molly Netter
Andre: Jodie Landau
Threat From Without: Jane Sheldon
Threat From Within: Jonathan Woody
Chorus 1: Elisa Sutherland
Chorus 2: Kate Maroney
Chorus 3: Charlotte Mundy
Uriel: Ellen McLaughlin

Contemporaneous: Cat Cantrell, Lauren Cauley, Mikael Darmanie, Kate Dreyfuss, Matt Evans, Fanny Wyrick-Flax, Amy Garaphic, Milena Gligić, Sarah Goldfeather, Amanda Gookin, Madison Greenstone, Dara Hankins, Celia Hatton, Josh Henderson, Adam Holmes, Evan Honse, Tristan Kasten-Krauzse, Paul Kerekes, Patti Kilroy, Daniel Kochersberger, Daniel Linden, David Nagy, Finnegan Shanahan, Pat Swoboda, Sabrina Tabby, and Cameron West


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